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Beginning with her first class at seven years old, Capitol City was Kinney’s training home for her entire career as a gymnast. By the time she was eighteen years old and competing at level 10, Alicia Kinney had become CCG’s “Coach Kinney” and she’s been helping our athletes grow ever since. “What we do is bigger than the scores at a competition,” she says. “At CCG, we are family.”


Kinney has high expectations for the gymnasts she coaches. She runs a tight ship, with kindness and authenticity. “I coach each gymnast differently because everyone learns differently. I try to meet each gymnast where they are, and encourage as I correct.” 


Kinney takes seriously the long term impact that she can have on the gymnasts’ future relationships, professions, and self-determination. “I would never want to break someone down in order to build them back up, even if it made them more skilled,” she explains. Instead, Kinney has a knack for finding positive ways to motivate and encourage her athletes. “It’s not about their performance. It’s about them being the best version of themselves. When the gymnasts set and achieve goals in a positive way, overcome their fears, and push themselves to be the best they can be: I live for that. Connecting with kids individually, elevating their skill level, and building their confidence are my favorite parts of what I do.” 


A member of Cap City’s rec and competition coaching staff since 2002, Coach Kinney has had a huge influence in shaping the gym’s culture to be one of acceptance, dedication, and determination. We are so grateful to benefit from her authenticity, her encouragement, and her expertise.


Skill specialties: All skills, all ages, from preschool to level 10.

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