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Coach Mallori got her start in gymnastics as a Cap City Tumble Bear. She went on to compete with our team through level 7! Reflecting on her time as a competitive gymnast, what makes Coach Mallori most proud is “How far I came and how much I conquered.” 

Mallori reflects, “Gymnastics at CCG helped me grow as a person and it was so fun to create memories and friendships with the people who I spent more time with than even my own family!” Now a high school cheerleader and a valuable member of our coaching staff, Mallori shares her tumbling know-how and her love for gymnastics with our upper level youth rec classes. 

Mallori strives to be attentive to each of her gymnasts and encourage them as they face each new challenge in the gym. Mallori reminds her athletes, “Tell yourself mentally that you can do it, then start saying it out loud so you believe it. I know you can do this.” When it’s their turn to show her their skill or drill, Mallori gives her full attention. “They are so proud to show me they can do it. I love seeing their pride in themselves, and telling them what a good job they’ve done. I want them to feel valued, seen, and heard, when it comes to their skills or life in general.”

Currently, Mallori is not available for private lessons.

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