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Throughout her first ten years as a gymnast, Capitol City Gymnastics was Coach Bailey’s home gym. Here, she enrolled in her first class at age three, competed in USAG levels two through four, and trained at level six. Due to eligibility regulations, she trained elsewhere for the last four years of her career, in order to compete in both high school and club (Xcel) gymnastics. After her competition days came to an end, Bailey became “Coach Bailey” in the same community where it all began: Cap City.


Away from CCG, she “didn’t really get to know the gymnasts from other levels. I didn’t really feel like I fit in. But as a gymnast at CCG, I knew everyone at each level. It felt like a family. I chose to go back to CCG because I really loved the atmosphere and I’ve never felt that way with any other gym.” Now a Capitol City coach, Coach Bailey cultivates that same culture of acceptance. “The greatest gifts gymnastics gave me as a gymnast were incredible bonds with my coaches and lifelong friendships with my teammates. As a coach, my goal is to empower the girls and make them feel that they belong. Being a part of CCG means that you become a part of the family. You create bonds with not only the class/team you’re in, but with all the girls in the gym.”


Coach Bailey coaches CCG’s Advanced Gymnastics class, level 2 team, and Xcel Silver team, but the light she shines in her athletes’ lives radiates beyond gymnastics. For Coach Bailey, relationships have always come first. “I care about their gymnastics, and about them as people. I am their coach, but I am also a person to go to if they are having a tough time outside the sport.” 


In private lessons, gymnasts benefit from Coach Bailey’s attention to detail and her knack for helping them learn new skills for competitions. “I believe in the girls I coach, and want them to believe they can do anything they put their minds to!” 


Skill specialties: Pullovers and back hip circles on bars; round offs and back handsprings on floor.

Currently, Coach Bailey is not available for private lessons.

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