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Coach Cassie’s warmth and attention have lit up our preschool classes since the fall of 2023.  A teacher with experience in both middle school special education and preschool classrooms, she incorporates colors, counting, and other concepts while building her gymnasts’ strength and coordination.

She speaks kindly, encourages a growth mindset, and celebrates every improvement she witnesses. Coach Cassie explains, “I want them to know that I notice them doing their best. When a child is in my class for 45 minutes to an hour, a ‘good job’ and a high-five is what keeps them going. At the end of class, what’s most important to me is that they learned something new and are happy.” When her gymnasts point their toes or cartwheel straight, she is often even more excited than they are! 

Coach Cassie makes sure her kids feel seen, heard, and important.

“My strength is definitely teaching them techniques that they have to remember throughout their whole time while in gymnastics, especially bridges and back kickovers. For me, the best feeling in the world is seeing the kids learn and perfect a new skill.” Coach Cassie loves how excited her gymnasts get, and she couldn’t be more proud of their hard work. 

We are delighted to work alongside Coach Cassie, and we know you’ll love her, too. 

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