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Coach Leandra has been coaching gymnastics since 2019. A member of the CCG coaching staff since 2023, Leandra is known for her kindness and her emphasis on strong fundamentals. Coach Leandra explains, “I try to be friendly, but firm. I genuinely want them to get better in the sport, and I encourage them to try their best.” 

She first tried gymnastics at four years old and competed up to Level 5. Looking back on her years of competition, Coach Leandra is proud of herself for staying passionate about the sport, having a good work ethic, and earning her medals and trophies.

With Coach Leandra, our gymnasts feel encouraged and supported as they progress. “I check the basics with certain skills often to make sure they know how to do them correctly. This helps them prepare for a more challenging skill later. I love seeing the excitement and passion some girls have to master a skill, and I love seeing them finally accomplish it, knowing I helped them to get to that point in some way.” 

We are so glad Coach Leandra has joined our family, and we love seeing her motivate her gymnasts to reach for their next skill!

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