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Gabby knows firsthand what it’s like to be a tiny gymnast with big goals. She started gymnastics at just eighteen months old. At age five, she earned a spot on CCG’s competition team, ultimately reaching USAG level 6. But when Gabby thinks about her greatest accomplishment as a gymnast, she doesn’t mention trophies or scores. Rather, she is most proud of sticking with gymnastics, even when she got discouraged. Now, with kindness and patience, Gabby instills that same grit in our littlest athletes.


Having spent her whole life around small children, Gabby has found that when kids feel connected with and celebrated by the person in charge, they don’t just cooperate; they excel. “I always ask about them and try to talk about things they are interested in. I also try to make my classes fun, in hopes they have fun also. When they make progress or achieve a new skill, I celebrate them and make it feel really big, so they know what an accomplishment it is… It really pushes them to want to do better.”

In private lessons, Gabby’s top priority is focusing on the individual gymnast and what they want to work on. “I try to really listen to the kids in what they want/need, and take those into consideration in what I do for them.”


In 2021, Gabby began her coaching career at Capitol City Gymnastics. You can find her in the preschool area, helping our Tumble Cubs and Tumble Bears do tough things. She loves coaching at CCG because “We have such a good community. Everyone (parents, gymnasts, and staff) is so nice, welcoming, and happy to help you and your child. CCG really makes your child feel wanted, and we want them to succeed.” 

Skill specialties: floor and bars.

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